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Property in islamabad : buy, sell and rent property in islamabad through islamabadproperty.info
Islamabad the capital of Pakistan , around 906 sq. kilometer of land and Average growth rate of 5.19% , divided into Municipal and Rural Area . islamabad was planned and built during the 1960's to replace Karachi as Pakistan's capital . So, the distribution of property in islamabad is planned. At times Islamabad will transform into a cosmopolitan city of around 2 million from the present population of nearly 800,000, The high growth rate and commercial interests are indication of islamabad's importance in future for the local and foreign investment , which heightened the role of property in islamabad

Property in islamabad is mainly of two kinds : Residential in the form of a bungalows and a small home to a flat and apartment , and commercial property in the form of industries , shops , showrooms and hotels . Transfer of all types of property in islamabad has to be adhered to the rules and regulations set by capital development authority ( CDA ) .

islamabad is a planned city divided into sectors , the municipal area in the form of residential plots , residential homes or various sizes or flats built by various private housing societies and the government built houses and flats , and also the rural area . Government and the investors are buying the rural property in islamabad and are developing it into housing societies and commercial markets by building roads, houses, shops, and other facilities , converting the rural property in islamabad into urban zones .

The rates of urban property in islamabad are extremely high and has seen 360 degrees turn in the recent past and still escalating especially in the E and F sectors and the posch area of I-8 . Zone 2 and Zone 5 are presently the newly developing housing schemes and in these areas the property business is flourishing due to huge investments from the housing societies and genenral public . purchasing a property or the house in islamabad was undreamable at times due to the tax system and the cost of property in islamabad . people prefer to live in rented homes and flates at that times increase in incomes increase the purchasing power of the people that allow the people to buy homes and plots for construction of homes , this result a float in the property market of islamabad , furthermore the cheap home loans by the banks on lower interest rates give the real boom to the proeperty market in islamabad . islamabadproperty.info is the premier and the fastest growing real estate Service Provider in islamabad , launched with a vision to provide comprehensive and reliable property services to the community , expanding its service rapidly , providing investors the necessary information about property in islamabad for the maximum return from their investment working closely with developers and cooperative societies licensed by CDA for the most comprehensive information of new trends and developments regarding property in islamabad . enabling clients to make highly informed real estate decisions, create value, and enhance investment options.
Property consulting service at islamabadproperty.info is made possible by the network of proerty dealers and the real estate agents in the various residential sectors and commercial sectors of islamabad . Triggered by the dynamic growth outlook of Real Estate business in islamabad , islamabadproperty.info plans to further expand its network of associated property dealers by setting up service delivering platforms in various sectors of islamabad , and the main commercial centers . islamabadproperty.info guarantees its customers the transparency and integrity in all the property transaction & ensure that our client gets the best price offered by the real estate developers at any time.We provide full co-operation between the Buyer and the Developer to ensure satisfactory completion with ethical and legal compliance.