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Reliable and beautiful house in G-10/1 Islamabad for sale. Owners personal use, never rented. Railing gate. One saloon car porche. 3 bathrooms. White marble. Clean roof and mumty. Clean kitchen. Click Here

Property in islamabad : property in islamabad is of three types industrial,residential and commercial and the prices and importance depends upon the location and type of the property mainly in islamabad.

As the new trend of globalisation has started due to the WTO , the property market in islamabad is also getting aligned to the international market. Hence the trend that emerges on the global front seeps down into pakistan and islamabad real estate market and affecting the prices of property in islamabad also.

islamabad planned and developed In the start 60s and replaced as the capital of pakistan . As there was lot of property and few investors at start , the owners used to charge low rates of the property in islamabad as compared to the present rates of the property prices in islamabad . The sellers of property in islamabad now charges exorbint prices, heavy advance and strict terms and conditions. Today the rentals have the most high charges regarding residential and commercial property in islamabad .

Today, the commercial property with an international look in islamabad is more in demand for the multinational and foreign companies . Hence old property in islamabad is loosing its importance . keeping this in mind , the builders and planners are giving a grand look to the constructions on every piece of property in islamaabd . property in islamabad with good and suitable location , with high-tech look is in demand by the residents and business organisations in islamabad . various types of modern world facilities like power back up, fire fighting and security must be part of every construction in the all types of property in islamabad to get the true demand of the construction and property .

Commercial property has grown in importance with increase in the foreign investments in the country by various multinantionals and foreign countries in the various sectors of pakistan economy specialy the IT and telecomm sector . Even many foreign citizens and organisations have directly entered the commercial property business in islamabad . Although these organisations and individuals are subject to various restraints before they involve themselves. Besides payment legalities, letting out of property and repatriation have to be adhered to as per the guidelines by CDA islamabad .